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Google Play Family Friendly Section: section for characters teaching good values? 

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Widget Explains It All stamp
The stamp for "Widget Explains It All", which is Widget's version of "Clarissa Explains It All".
Widget Explains It All half-page ad by dev-catscratch
Widget Explains It All half-page ad
Widget had a lot of knowledge about mechanical and certain other things; when she was pregnant with Alicia, she tried (and later purchased the paid version) of a medical app that Walden has developed since learning that Widget had a dream of being a mother - this app gave her a lot of knowledge (including commonly asked questions by mothers and children), and she was prepared to "explain it all" to her daughter Alicia when she asked questions (including a true classic about where Alicia came from), especially when she was learning how to talk.
I think Widget should star in her version of the show "Clarissa Explains It All" being "Widget Explains It All".
Here is how I traced the origins of my interests (Last updated 9 February 2016):
Year - Interest - Origin

Early childhood - Powerline insulators - Seeing the various shapes and colours of them while being observant
1992 - Tree frogs - Seeing them in the toilets at primary school
1994 - Berger Spray Fast aerosol paint - Finding such a can near recently sprayed graffiti in Duthie Park, Rockhampton
1997 - Music in “PC speaker” tones - Discussion about computer programming, and finding a book on computer programing (BASIC), which included the PLAY statement and subsequently transliterating sheet music into BASIC for playback
1998 - Japanese beer - Seeing a street scene (where one of the signs was Sapporo Beer) in a school textbook about Japan
1999 - Starting pistol caps - Being amused by noise, along with a local news story in 2000 about a man firing a starting pistol, possibly as a form of amusement
1999 - Green-coloured pantyhose - Supermarket discussion in the show “The Wayne Manifesto” about black hose and being asked whether it is garden hose or pantyhose
2000 - Fart lighting - Scene in the movie “Dumb and Dumber”, along with a Family Guy scene in a media player review in a computer magazine years later
2000 - Shoplifting (not in real life) - Kid in the Corner episode about a garage sale which included a boy saying the line “Shoplifters will be prosecuted”.
2000 - Flags in piles of dog waste - Doing online research on the issue, including a search for “dog piles”, which revealed George W. Bush flags in these piles
2000 - Removing letters to make things look funny - Searching for the issue on dog waste, which led to a story about a “Please clean up after your dog” with the “Y” falling down to say “Please clean up after our dog”.
2001 - Reverse engineering circuitry (and later on, ROM programs and even programmable logic devices) - Tracing signals in game consoles to help complete information found from various sources; later on, reverse engineering power supplies such as in computers and DVD players to see how they work (and what to do if they don’t); after buying a device programmer in 2004, reading the contents of ROM ICs and unprotected microcontrollers and in 2007, started disassembling ROM programs and even programmable logic devices to see how they work
2001 - Fakes - Becoming interested in fake (illegally copied) cartoon shows
2001 - Cartoon characters smoking (along with cigarette brand preferences) - Collecting discarded cigarette packs
2001 - Cherry pickers - Story about a fatal 1999 accident in the Smithfield suburb of Cairns where a young worker was changing fluorescent tubes in an illuminated KFC sign (about 11.4m high) near overhead powerlines in a cherry picker
2001 - Conveyor belts - Old reports of accidents (including at least two fatal conveyor accidents) in Western Australia mines when looking for a particular Significant Incident report
2001 - Being keen to see certain Nickelodeon cartoons (including Rugrats, Hey Arnold and Dora the Explorer in Japanese (and later on, German and Russian) - Search for information on the Nintendo 64DD system (which was only sold in Japan) and seeing Japanese labels on 64DD cartridges
2002 - Brand name condoms (e.g. Holden, BMW) - Search for KFC “I Like It Like That”
2002 - Valve/tube equipment - Seeing an eBay listing for electron valves (which I missed out on due to confusion of daylight savings time) and then in 2003, buying a few lots, along with buying my very first valve radio at an annual swapmeet
2003 - Crack Spackle hiding bum cracks - Nine Network show “Comedy Inc.”
2003 - Nickelodeon-themed slots - Turning 18 and playing slots in a venue
2003 - Asbestos - ABC show “The 7:30 Report” on a segment on James Hardie
2004 - Lifan Hongda motorcycles - Search for fake stickers (characters) leading to something about “Hongda” brand parts being banned in Vietnam due to poor quality, along with a widely reported case of Chongqing Lifan’s use of “Hongda”, a name which is too similar to Honda
2004 - BUGA UP (cigarette billboards being defaced) - Seeing this segment on the ABC show “New Dimensions”
2005 - Cartoon characters as pets - Naming pets (of a matching breed) in the Sims Unleashed expansion pack after cartoon characters, and later on, company names
2005 - /dev/catscratch - Becoming curious about the Nickelodeon cartoon Catscratch, and earlier on, seeing an ad in a computer magazine which included a mug (aimed at Linux users) with /dev/mug printed on it
2005 - “All vegetables are toxic to children” - “All cigarettes are toxic” campaign against “light” and “mild” cigarettes
2006 - Interesting wireless network names such as “Nickelodeon” and “Jim Beam” - Finding a wireless network called “Disney” during a non-intrusive survey
2006 - Titles in Chinese - Widely reported case of Chongqing Lifan using Chinese characters for “Hongda”, where the English version was too similar to Honda, and later on, a number of Chinese-character trademark disputes
2007 - Female characters as breast cancer warriors - Developing a preference years ago to support breast cancer
2007 - Call for breastfeeding of babies in children’s cartoons - Seeing only bottle-fed babies (which were not breastfed at all) in shows with baby characters, such as Rugrats and PBS’ Arthur
2007 - Toilet Duck bottle - A news story in Brisbane where a burglar high on LSD and amphetamines used a Toilet Duck bottle as a sexual aid
2007 - Cartoon show airlines e.g. Arnold Air and Exploradora Airlines - Watching episodes of Air Crash Investigations and becoming interested in certain aviation topics
2007 - Bum cracks - A news story about someone being attacked over his bum crack
2007 - Insulators in weird and non-existent colours, including rainbow suspensions - Mild hallucinations in dreams of insulators while asleep
2007 - Branded litter - Reading something about a study from Australian consumer group CHOICE
2007 - Mini TV sets - Buying an ex-hospital 5.5” colour TV set from a local junk shop, Trendy Trash, and managing to fix it
2008 - Vehicles with V12 engines - Scrapheap Challenge episode where Woof Justice extracted a V12 engine from a Jaguar as part of a winning combination for their swamp racer
2008 - Becoming a patent historian - Watching episodes of “The Re-Inventors”
2008 - Baby Nicktoons - Watching a lot of episodes of Rugrats years earlier
2008 - Thinking of (and later promoting) “Made in China” in a positive way - Buying a Chinese piece of test equipment (Atten F2700-C frequency counter) on sale and having a good experience using it
2009 - Garibaldi garlic mettwurst - Seeing a segment about an Australian smallgoods contamination case back in 1995
2009 - Physical security for wireless networks - Seeing preset wireless security information (which can include the Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN number) on wireless access points, the first of which were provider-branded, along with discovering under Windows 7 that it is easy to extract a wireless passphrase with Wi-Fi Protected Setup without special tools (“Show characters”)
2009 - Adding digital tuners (and even PVR/DVR and DVD playback functionality) to 12V and/or “retro” TV sets - Having a digital set-top box board on hand (without its enclosure) and deciding to try fitting it to a AWA C2201 (Mitsubishi CB100 rebadge) colour TV, which has some resemblance to the Commodore PET computer
2010 - Banana/fruit stickers - Banana industry campaign on the radio, followed by a search for Chiquita Australia, then discovering fruit stickers with licensed characters on them
2010 - Nappy/diaper brand preference beliefs for certain cartoon characters - Australian consumer group CHOICE review (2010) with a Luvs ad from 2008 which I was curious about
2010 - “Diversification” of the tobacco industry - Seeing names such as “Benson & Hedges Coffee” and “Benson & Hedges Bistro” and then coming up with wireless network names such as “Benson & Hedges Mining” and “Peter Stuyvesant Childcare”
2010 - Beekeeping - Finding a book of interest at the local library
2011 - Ecstasy pills with corporate logos, including gaming machine manufacturer IGT - Episode of “Border Security Australia” depicting a bag of pills with the Mitsubishi logo stamped on them
2011 - Converting retro and unique monochrome TV sets to colour - Having a number of 5” colour TV sets on hand, and buying a National Panasonic TR-475 pop-up TV/radio to try converting it to colour (which would be great for a rerelease!)
2011 - Fake automobiles - Reading a story about a fake Ferrari with a Subaru engine, along with the Shuanghuan S-RV (Honda CR-V copy) and Noble (Smart copy), as well as certain other copy models
2011 - “Retire Ronald” campaign - Seeing a link to an “alternative” annual report (Philip Morris International Exposed) published by Corporate Accountability International and investigating the organization further, along with concerns about childhood obesity and obesity in general
2012 - Fiat Uno - Seeing a non-fatal accident in the UK on a TV show
2012 - McDonald’s “i’m lovin it” parody being “i’m luggin’ it” - Seeing this parody in the Off Topic section of, and playing the Humongous Entertainment game “Pajama Sam 3”
2012 - Pajama Sam version of “Supersize Me” - Playing the Humongous Entertainment game “Pajama Sam 3” and earlier on, watching the film “Supersize Me”
2012 - Widget (Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!) being a great mother - Having a dream while asleep where Widget was pregnant
2013 - Cartoon characters in sections of schematics - Old Tektronix schematics with cartoon characters in particular sections
2013 - Editing out the text name portion leaving behind the well-known logo - Finding use of the term “well-known trademark” for some time
2014 - “Be Nickelodeon” campaign - Seeing the “Be Marlboro” campaign and getting ideas to create a subsequent campaign which is healthier considering being a Nickelodeon fan
2014 - Call for “baby” characters in children’s cartoons to be breastfed as being natural and not offensive - Seeing only bottle-fed babies (which were not breastfed at all) in shows with baby characters, such as Rugrats and PBS’ Arthur
2014 - Buying street lights of designs I like - Finding a street light (twin 20W tube Greendale) at a local junk shop, Trendy Trash and subsequently buying a Sylvania B2222 (sodium), of which I remember seeing at night when I was a young child in the car
2015 - “I’ve bought a LeCroy” campaign (oscilloscope) - “I bought a Jeep” TV ads, and satisfaction with LeCroy test equipment
2015 - Autism Compatibility Statement - Discovering that certain messages in Ad Council PSAs can be incompatible with people who have autism, along with the Australian Government requiring a Human Rights Compatibility Statement on certain pieces of legislation or regulation
2015 - Call for the US Department of Health and Human Services to establish - Prevalence of autism in the US, along with the fact that the Department has other one-stop websites on certain health issues such as and
2015 - Wanting to be the co-founder an organization which would be called the Walter LeCroy Foundation - Satisfaction with LeCroy test equipment which such features such as long acquisition memory and high sampling rate has helped contribute towards scientists winning the Nobel Prize, along with the growing importance of math and science education, especially among women and girls
2015 - Having a belief that there should be one worldwide censorship rating system (homologated), no matter what the culture - Hearing one important word, which was “homologation” in the Mega Factories episode on the Koenigsegg Agera supercar
2016 - Bumpbows - Searching for information on what TV shows included scenes of babies being breastfed (natural and not offensive), which led to the “What To Expect” website, and further searching on this website led to a product called Bumpbows to deal with a common (but harmless) pregnancy appearance problem
Origins Of My Interests
I've seen that some members thought some of my work was a bit strange, but I decided to trace my origins of particular interests so that people can understand.
  • Mood: Tired
Over the last month, my activity on deviantART has ramped up a bit (along with a surge in my creativity) since developing an interest in (cute) Bumpbows.
I can't get a faster Internet speed on our line despite being moderately fast (6 Mbit downstream from the exchange to our place) - a faster speed might help there.
So, I am going to stop accepting new requests until further notice - so please consider (seriously!) giving me a piece I want back in exchange (especially pieces using cute #bumpbows) if you have made a request for me to make a particular piece for you.


Bryce Cherry
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Care Bears Garden stamp by dev-catscratch CSTV stamp by dev-catscratch Don't deliver (To) The Householder stmap by dev-catscratch Multi-language Audio Description stamp by dev-catscratch Dora loves JAL stamp by dev-catscratch Blue loves All Nippon stamp by dev-catscratch
Kai-lan loves suspension stamp by dev-catscratch Widget loves Hardees stamp by dev-catscratch Humongous Junior Text Adventure stamp by dev-catscratch Hoon Car stamp by dev-catscratch 100 Years of AWA stamp by dev-catscratch Pink Sticker Stamp by dev-catscratch Thanks for NICKing me stamp by dev-catscratch Spy Fox: Monkey Penny loves suspensions stamp by dev-catscratch Peppa Pig loves suspensions stamp by dev-catscratch Tinkle Pit stamp by dev-catscratch Moshi Monsters prefer Huggies stamp by dev-catscratch Little Einsteins prefer Huggies stamp by dev-catscratch Dora loves Mitsubishi stamp by dev-catscratch Hyundai i30 Owner Stamp by dev-catscratch Neopets prefer Huggies stamp by dev-catscratch Oggy loves suspensions stamp by dev-catscratch Lane Rover stamp by dev-catscratch Reeke stamp by dev-catscratch Doc McStuffins loves Bumpbows stamp by dev-catscratch Bumpbow Fans Stamp by dev-catscratch Bumpbows Stamp by dev-catscratch Gumball loves suspensions stamp by dev-catscratch I've bought a LeCroy stamp by dev-catscratch It's about time stamp by dev-catscratch Widget Explains It All stamp by dev-catscratch




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